About Headknife

Headknife Leather Goods is a one-man shop owned and operated by Bruno Medeiros in San Jose, California.

With an appreciation for quality, a background in design, and a hankering for a new hobby, Bruno began working with leather. After a long period of getting to know the tools and the materials, he started making practical, everyday items for family and friends. Eventually friends of friends and strangers starting seeing the items and asked where they could get their own. And thus, Headknife was born.

Headknife leather goods are crafted by hand, one at a time, by Bruno. He believes that crafting items by hand gives them a soul and in some way connects him to people who wear them, even if they never meet. He also enjoys writing in the 3rd person.

All products are made in the USA using American sourced materials and only get better with age.